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Governor I. Shiimi          Acting Chairperson of IOB Council (Governor Bank of Namibia)
Amb. L. Lipumbu           (CEO Agribank)
I Leyenaar                    (CEO First National Bank)
M. Pupuma                  (MD Standard Bank)
E.  Hoveka                   (CEO NedBank)
C.  de Vries                  (MD Bank Windhoek)

Established in 1988 as the professional and educational body for the banking and the financial services industry in Namibia, the Institute is the leader in providing industry-focused training programs and certifications. The Institute is the only national association devoted exclusively to representing and advancing the interests of the banking community throughout Namibia.

The governing body of the Institute is the Council, which has the ultimate responsibility for the work and progress of the Institute towards the achievement of its goals. The Council is the highest governing authority of the Institute. The Institute is governed by the Constitution of the Institute.

The Council meets 3 times a year, in April, July and October; and has wide powers to make rules, lay down policy, approve programmes and plans, and to establish working procedures governing the operations of the Institute. The role of the Council is to set the medium to long-term direction of the Institute and to advise the Executive Committee (Exco) on the development of the Institute.

The day-to-day management of the Institute is vested in the hands of the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute. The Council appoints the CEO of the Institute. The Chief Executive Officer of the Institute performs the Secretariat function of the Council.  The Secretariat is responsible to the Council for all administrative affairs of the Institute.

Governor. T Alweendo
Founding Chairperson of IOB Council until March 2010
Former Governor (Bank of Namibia)
Director General of the National Planning Commission (since March 2010)

                         Governor I Shiimi                  Amb. L Lipumbu                  Mr Christo De Vries
                         Governor, Bank of Namibia    (CEO Agribank)                   (MD Bank Windhoek)
                         Acting President of IOB Council    

                         Mr. M Pupuma                     MR. E Hoveka                     MR. I Leyenaar
                         (MD, STANDARD BANK)      (CEO, NEDBANK)               (CEO, FIRST NATIONAL BANK)